About Us

(The Club Penguin Fan Fictions Group)
Club Penguin Fan Fictions all started with Zoom Zoom103 posting fanfictions on Monchocho.com. He wrote so many, it would take forever to read them all. Many people took interest in Zoom's stories, one of those people being N0-Nam3 GuY, who one day decided to write his own fan fiction.
The group began to grow. CheeseLuver and Ariel1021 caught on, and the comments sections were flooded with stories and people's thoughts on them. It was then that N0-Nam3 GuY decided they needed their own place on the Internet to hang out and post fan fictions. On 14 January 2013, the site was created and the posting began.

2013-2014 was definitely our golden age. We were active posters, and although somewhat frequently argued, still got along well. In 2015, however, our activeness started to falter, eventually getting to the point where we might have 1 post a week. 

As of now, we don't exactly have much activeness; although people are talking. 

If you want to help on the activeness part, feel free to join us.